Desperate for all the best advice on homeschooling in one place?

So was I—25 years ago. 

It’s way easier than you think, and I want to teach you the basics.

-How to save TONS of money.

-How to teach your kids together, so you don't have to juggle multiple curriculums.

-And what I've learned to make things easier for myself!

Included in the course:

10 Video Modules

+ Workbook

+ Homeschool Planner

Each module takes 20 minutes and will save you TONS of time, TONS of money, and will give you confidence and peace about the school year.

I'm Tricia Goyer, and I've been doing this homeschooling thing for a while. I started in 1995 with my three oldest kids and no idea what I was doing. We figured out it, and they're all adults who've turned out great! 

Cory works in insurance and is married with kids. 

Leslie lives in Europe with her husband and two little ones. She teaches at a university and is working on a graduate degree

Nathan had a book published at 22-years-old. He solo-develops RPG video games that are clean, fun, and enjoyed by tens of thousands of people. He recently received his Bachelor's Degree in Computer Information Technology. 

I think my older kids have turned out alright! But I didn't stop homeschooling with them.

When these three were nearly adults, John and I opened our hearts to adoption. SEVEN more kids later, I'm still homeschooling. I have five kids still at home. The youngest is eleven.

Everything I teach YOU about homeschooling, I DO on a daily basis. 

I'm only sharing what REALLY WORKS!

I understand the struggles:

I work from home.

- I teach multiple grades at once.

- Sometimes the kids are unmotivated.

-Sometimes I am.

-I have kids with learning disabilities.

-Some of my kids need special help and get speech and occupational therapy.

-Three of my kids are dyslexic.

I'm an ordinary mom who is sometimes tempted to scroll Facebook instead of reading aloud. BUT I've also figured out sure-fire ways to make sure the important stuff gets taught, I'm not too overwhelmed, and the kids have fun while learning. (At least most of the time.)

I'm here to help you figure out homeschooling quickly and start the year off with success.

Bonus Module!
Calming Angry Kids Video Lesson

You don't know how to control your child's anger. You feel hopeless, fearful of your child's future, and angry yourself. In Calming Angry Kids, I share my own deeply personal experiences of trying to help my angry kids.

Bonus Module!

40 Ways to Be Present in Your Child's Day

In the midst of a busy day it's easy for mamas to think of our children as “tasks” rather than as “hearts” we need to connect with. Here are ways to be present in your child's day.

Bonus Gift!

54 Scripture Cards for the Homeschool Parent

Homeschool days can get long, and God can seem far away from your table piled with books and papers. I’ll include 54 verses that will specifically fuel your homeschool days.


I’ve put my heart and soul into developing a course for you that outlines the most important aspects of homeschooling:

  • Creating a positive home environment where your children will thrive and learn.

  • ​Inviting your kids to join you on their education journey.

  • ​Understanding the basics of homeschooling laws and what it really takes for your kids to graduate and go on to college.